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Welcome To catsmo artisanal smokehouse

25 myers rd • wallkill, ny • 845.895.2296



Our smokehouse smokes fresh sustainably-raised Atlantic salmon onsite everyday. All of our smoked salmon varieties are all-natural, use no preservatives, and are never frozen before or after smoking. We don’t stock an inventory of smoked salmon—we receive our fish directly from the airport and after inspection it goes right into our smoking process and then out the door to be delivered to our customers.


Our caviar

The supremely delicate taste and luxurious feel of true caviar cannot be disputed. Quality caviar must have a bright glossy color, fresh, mild smell, uniformly sized eggs, and lightly salty flavor, NOIR caviar meets all of those criteria. To ensure their goal, caviar is sourced from only the best sturgeon farms around the world and every shipment is graded as it arrives to ensure that only the best makes it into the NOIR Caviar line.  


responsibly raised from sustainable sources


Global aquaculture farms are first and foremost concerned with conservation. Responsibly operated aquaculture centers recognize that pulling fish from the world’s oceans and lakes isn’t a sustainable practice. Aquaculture centers raise fish in everything from traditional fish ponds to high-tech tank systems. Each farming technique has its own distinct environmental footprint. By choosing seafood from reputable, responsible, and conscientious farms and production systems, consumers can play a positive role in reducing fish farming's potential negative impacts.